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Used Dlink Broadband Router with 4-port Switch – DI-604

  • Easily applied content filtering based on MAC address, IP Address, and/or Domain name
  • Quickly and easily share an Internet connection with multiple computers
  • Setup wizard simplifies the installation process
  • Advanced Firewall and parental control
  • Built-in 4-port switch

The DI-604 combines the latest advancements in chip technology, low-cost design, and manufacturing with new, feature-rich firewall and network management controls to give you quite possibly the most advanced yet affordable Ethernet router to date.

The DI-604 is ideal if you’re creating your first home or small business network, or if you’re a more advanced user looking for additional management settings. A simple yet intelligent Web-based setup wizard makes the DI-604 easy for anyone to quickly and securely connect computers to share a high-speed Internet connection, files, resources, games, or just to communicate.

The DI-604 has an integrated 4-port switch with 10/100 Ethernet ports for directly connecting up to four computers. One Ethernet cable is included with the DI-604 to get you started.

Whether you’re a college student who wants to network with friends and roommates, an executive working at home or in a small office, or a concerned parent who just wants to have more control over how your children access the Internet, the D-Link Express EtherNetwork DI-604 4-port router is the networking solution for you, even if you don’t know anything about networking.

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