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30th Sep 2013 | by: Western Office

Though we have been doing computer support remotely for a long time, it has become much more convenient these days with most people already having high-speed internet and a knowledgeable staff with the resources to help in such a way. That is why we have added a new section to our website further explaining our remote support options to help further assist those in need with computer issues or questions.


For those not understanding what this means, remote support allows one of our technicians to remotely connect or login to your computer, per your approval, in order to see exactly what’s going on. You can still use the machine as normal as we see what you see, and we can also request control so that we can make changes where necessary. This is a much nicer option than having to haul your computer (especially a big desktop) into our office for a task that may only take 30 minutes. Why not spend that time with us over the phone while we connect to your PC and get the job done quickly?


This is an easy task to accomplish and only takes a bit of your time as we talk with you over the phone during the whole process. If you are interested, please feel free to check out our new Remote Support section which contains more details.


Thank you for your support of our business!

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