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30th Sep 2013 | by: Western Office

Did you buy a brand new computer only to find out it has Windows 8? Are you tried of trying to figure it out or go through 10 steps to do something when it used to take only 3 or less? Frustrated by what the heck the Charms bar even is? Confused why the corners of the screen are so special? Hate how it’s difficult to get to the BIOS or even boot from anything but the hard drive (and thus Windows 8)?



We know, we know very well. Windows 8 takes over and doesn’t give you a clue on how to use it. We are tired of Windows 8 as well. But never fear, Windows 7 is still here! No only do we have desktops and laptops with Windows 7 installed, but we also can install Windows 7 on your current machine. Whether you have an older machine that needs to be upgraded a bit to be powerful enough to run Windows 7 smoothly, or you just bought a new Windows 8 machine and want to ‘downgrade’ (or improve) to Windows 7, we can help you!



If you don’t mind paying for a Windows 7 license (of which we have plenty available) and a little bit more for labor, we can get your machine running fast and easy with a great and stable operating that you actually know how to use and can truly get some work done on it! This is a perfect option for business users who have found out their software or network configuration (printers, servers, etc.) suddenly don’t work on their new Windows 8 machine. Or this is just a boon for power users who actually know how to run a computer with a keyboard and mouse and want to get some serious work/play done without learning how to use a mouse to do a finger-on-the-screen job.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your configuration or what it means to go from Windows 8 to Windows 7, or to go from Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7. We can help with any PC or software configuration. Get back to using your PC again without hating every second of it. Go to Windows 7, you won’t regret it.

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