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28th Jan 2014 | by: Western Office

Though this section of our website is more biased (at the moment) towards specials or sales that we have in our Local Shop, we also have some specials running in our new Online Catalog!


These specials can change from week to week and may correspond with current advertising around our community, so please don’t forget to check back often to see if there’s any new deals.


Also, please be aware that most, if not all, of the prices listed in our new Online Catalog are List/Retail prices and not what you would actually pay. Currently you have to create an account on the catalog site and be logged in to be able to see the correct discounted or sale prices. So please do not be turned off by what you see right away if you are just browsing as a guest.



Thank you for your continued interest in our business! We are here to help you.  🙂

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Important Notice! – MUST READ

As of April, 2014, we currently do not actively update our local shop items that you may see here. Thus, what you are looking at may not portray what we really have.

If you need something, we probably have it, so please call or email us.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but our local stock changes so often that it’s very difficult to keep the Shop page updated.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE AN ORDER. Use our Online Catalog instead. Thank you for your understanding.