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28th Jan 2014 | by: Western Office

There seems to be some confusion on some of the products and services that we offer.


Of course, it’s obvious that we offer Office furniture, supplies and other office equipment, as well as servicing such items, as that’s mostly apparent by our name. But more times than not, many people don’t realize that we also sell new and used desktops and laptops as well as service or repair them. I can’t tell you how many times someone has brought in a machine that they first took to “the Geek Squad” or some other place only to have it worse off than it was originally with all that money wasted. And several times the customer was persuaded into buying more unnecessary software or other items to try and “help” the problem.


We don’t hassle or try to make commission on our customers. We are people just like you who want to help and make things right, and work again. We will do our best for a very reasonable price to make sure your precious devices are fixed and working optimally so that you hopefully don’t have to come back for years, even if that means we aren’t making any money for repeat visits. We take pride in our work and quality of service and hope that you will too, but you have to give us a try first.  🙂


So my answer to your question is: Yes, we sell and repair computers! Please stop on by or give us a call to see if we can help. Even if it’s just advice over the phone, we always do what we can with a friendly smile and common courtesy.


Thank you for your interest and your business! If you wish to see what we have in stock…

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We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but our local stock changes so often that it’s very difficult to keep the Shop page updated.

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