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18th Jul 2014 | by: Western Office

There’s been a lot of computers coming into the shop lately that have been riddled with various malware, junkware and other nasty things. Many times the customer will ask “Why am I infected?” or “How did the computer get to this state?” and finally “How can I prevent this?”. The real question that should be asked, for the most part, is “What did I do?”.


Most of the time, the best defense is just being careful. I cannot stress enough that people need to pay attention to what they are doing, where they are going online, and what they are clicking on or downloading. Most of the time you do not need any additional software to do what you want. Most of the time there are no software updates despite what that website is spamming across your screen. Most of the time, things may look legit but it’s just too good or easy to be true. The bottom line is, don’t click on or open/run that! Please always be extremely cautious. There is no 100% fool-proof anti-virus or any other security utility that will protect you from absolutely everything. It’s just not possible. The only solid defense is just not letting it happen in the first place.


Of course, there are many ways to spot when a website might be bad or downloading a certain file or clicking a certain link may be a bad idea. Dealing with computers for so many years, it’s 2nd nature for us to spot such things, but it’s not so for the average user. Thus, I’ve decided to include here a great article that should be ready thoroughly by everyone as to how malware spreads and how people get their computers infected. The article is from (of course) and is titled: How Malware Spreads – How Did I Get Infected


Please take a good look at that to get better acquainted with what is going around out there and what you can do about it. Of course, another good read is our other post about Common Security Best Practices which then links to another great in-depth article from


As always, please be careful when using your computers online and off. And of course, if there is a problem or concern, do not hesitate to call us and ask for assistance or stop on by if it’s already too late. We’ll get you all fixed up and just like new for a reasonable price. Thank you for your visit and your attention!


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