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4th Nov 2015 | by: Western Office

For those who think Windows 10 is the cat’s meow, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. There are some drawbacks of Windows 10 that you may not be aware of.


Courtesy of Maximum PC magazine and some of my own input, here is the list:

1.) Privacy – There’s been a lot of controversy regarding the default privacy settings within Windows 10, and for good reason. I would suggest that you check them out via the Settings are and turn certain privacy features on or off.

2.) It’s Not Totally Free – In order to get the free upgrade (only valid until July 2016), you’ll need a valid, genuine license of Windows 7 or 8/8.1 already. And then what happens once we get to July 2016? Do the people that upgraded get to keep it forever or pay a small fee? Who knows, it’s Microsoft…

3.) It Really Loves Your Bandwidth – By default, Windows 10 uploads updates to other customers/users, similar tot he way P2P (like BitTorrent) works. Since most people’s internet has greatly limited upload speed versus download, this will cause things to slow down a bit, or maybe even force you to reach a data cap of some sort, depending on your ISP.

4.) Clunky Start Menu – Hey, the Start Menu is back, which is good, but it’s very different and a little weird, which is not good. It combines both (mostly) what Windows 7 had as well as the ’tiles’ of Windows 8. If you’re used to Windows 7’s Start Menu, the Windows 10 version may feel a bit crowded or even overwhelming.

5.) Confusing Settings – Like Windows 8, Windows 10 still has the Settings app which has several things that you can configure. But it also links to the good ol’ Control Panel which has other things you can configure not in Settings. How much do I hate that there are even any ‘apps’ at all in Windows? More than I should… probably…

6.) Forced Updates – By default, Windows 10 Home customers/users cannot opt out of ‘important’ or mandatory updates, which may pose to be troublesome. Though I probably wouldn’t complain personally about this, for the most part, sometimes it’s good to be able to stop certain updates from being installed if it causes issues with other programs or things you are trying to do.

7.) Removed Features – Features that came standard and were relied upon by many are now not included at all in Windows 10. These includes Gadgets, WMC (Windows Media Center) and even Windows Media Player. Though, if you really feel like paying Microsoft even more money, even though there’s far better free alternatives available, you can buy the DVD Player for $15 in the Windows Store.


So there you have it, some more things to dislike about Windows 10 in its current form, and maybe some things to like more, at least more than Windows 8. Anything is better than Windows 8…  🙂

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