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15th Jan 2016 | by: Western Office

Since it seems that Microsoft is dead-set on stuffing Windows 10 down everyone’s throats (well, at least those with Windows 7 and 8/8.1), then it seems certain more drastic measures must be taken.


Oh, you thought this was going to be a handy guide to make Windows more awesome now that you have Windows 10 installed? Well, it kind of is, and it kind of isn’t, but it’s good and important information either way.


For those that do NOT have Windows 10 yet and would like to easily prevent it on your own terms:

Though there are other ways of getting the job done, as we have talked about before, I believe there is a very simple and even more reliable way of getting rid of the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification and preventing any accidental Windows 10 Upgrades for automatically occurring.

It is with the help of a little program called GWX Control Panel that everything is made easy. Feel free to check out there website and guide to see how it works, though it’s pretty self-explanatory. They have an installer version (which I would recommend since it contains a background monitor) or your can run the portable standalone version if you wish. Very handy for those IT folk like us.  


Basically just install this little tool, tell it to remove the notification icon (if present), prevent future Windows 10 updates, remove any Windows 10 downloaded files, etc. and that’s it. You can also install the Monitor so it can monitor Windows 10 changes in the background and alert you in case it can’t (for some reason) automatically block them. Later on, once you are ready for Windows 10, you can revert all changes and allow it to bless your PC with Windows bliss. How lovely.


For those who already have Windows 10 and would like to take care of all of the privacy issues it contains:

Windows 10 is unfortunately riddled with several privacy issues that would make the NSA smile. Why Microsoft chose to enabled most of these by default, I don’t really know… oh wait, they are Microsoft, they can do whatever the heck they want. You can read more about what types of privacy concerns I’m talking about from our previous post.

Anyway, like the GWX Control Panel, there is another simple tool that can be installed to help find and remove/prevent those concerns within Windows 10 itself. This program is made by the people who make the wonderful Spybot Search and Destroy, and it is simply named Spybot Anti-Beacon. Similar to the GWX tool, it’s available as an installer or portable standalone version to make it extra handy.

It’s pretty self-explanatory as well, but if you need help, please feel free to follow the link above to the guide. Any “immunization” changes made can be undone of course, so that in case something does go awry, you’ll be alright.




So that’s it for this helpful post. It is quite annoying what Microsoft is trying to do, both before you have Windows 10 and after, but at least there’s people and tools that can help combat the stupidity. Thank you to all of those who have spent all of their time and energy building and contributing to such tools. You make it so much easier for IT and non-IT people alike to get along with their computer and keep the control they desire.


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