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Computer Repair

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Bring down your Windows-based desktop/laptop or Android/Windows-based tablet and we’ll get it fixed for you at a great price!

Minimum Fee

$10 per visit
    • Brief overview and look at the device
    • Brief diagnostics and troubleshooting

Data Transfer

$40+ per session
    • We will discuss and confirm what’s required or wanted.
    • All data backed up from old PC and transferred to new.
    • Can include cloning (exact copy) or data transfer only with program re-installation (after fresh OS install).

Virus Clean/Tune-up

$80+ per device
    • We will thoroughly clean up PC, removing all viruses/malware/junkware.
    • We’ll update major programs and system drivers, including Windows/Microsoft Updates.
    • Hard drive defragmentation and system optimization is included.
    • PC will be thoroughly tested, both hardware and software, if necessary.

Hardware Replacement/Fix

$Varies per device
    • PC will be thoroughly tested, both hardware and software, to find where problems are located.
    • If a component is bad/damaged, we will try to repair first, backing up all data if necessary.
    • If component cannot be fixed, prices and both used and new will be offered before repair/replacement.
    • If repair cost is not worth it due to price of parts, PC as whole can be traded in towards new or used in stock.