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If you are having issues with your Windows based computer and just want a quick fix or tutorial without having to lug anything down to the office, we can help you there! All that is required is a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) and internet access on your PC.

 IMPORTANT!: Please do not attempt to try either of the following methods unless you are already on the phone, in front of your computer, and talking with one of our service techs. We cannot help you, nor do we get any kind of notification, if you try to do one of the following without contacting us first. Give us a call first before attempting to receive support from our trained and knowledgeable staff. Thank you.

We’ll help support you in one of a few ways:
Zoho Assist is great method that is used by our professionals. To help us assist you, it is as easy as entering in a special ID to the field on the right and clicking the button when one of our techs instructs you to do so. It will then ask you to download a small file that once ran, will connect with us. If the windows on the right doesn’t show up or work correctly, please visit the following link: Join Zoho Sessionassist-logo
 Zoho Assist Desktop Plugin
TeamViewer is a popular choice by our professionals. If you do not already have the full software installed on your system, please use the button to the side to download the QuickSupport software of which does not need to be installed, but will enable us to remotely connect to your machine and help. All you need to do is download, run, and then let us know the unique ID and Password it generates for you.Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer
 TeamViewer Full Install
We also sometimes like to use the services of LogMeIn’s Join.Me. By going to their website, clicking on the orange Start Meeting link (or the orange ‘Play’ button), downloading and then running the small piece of software, and then letting us know the 9-digit number that should now be at the top of your screen, we’ll be able to remotely connect to your machine and assist
 Join.Me Full Install

Minimum Fee

$10 under 15 minutes
    • Cost for a support session lasting less than 15 minutes
    • Will do everything in our power to help solve your problem

Standard Support

$35 15-60 minutes
    • Cost for a support session lasting between 15-60 minutes long (pro-rated)
    • Will do everything in our power to help solve your problem

Long Session

$35+ per hour
    • Cost per hour or partial hour after the first hour
    • Will do everything in our power to help solve your problem
    • May be necessary to bring the computer in anyway if time is critical or limited after initial support