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New Dell 65W Laptop AC Adapter – 19.5v, 3.34a – N6M8J

Dell PA-12 Family 65 Watt 19.5 Volt Laptop AC Power Adapter. Dell PA-12 Family adapter is compatible with but not limited to Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Vostro & Studio Laptop / Notebook Computers.

Dell Part Numbers: N6M8J 928G4 TJ76K K9TGR KT2MG
Compatible Dell Part Numbers: 0N6M8J 0928G4 0TJ76K 0K9TGR 0KT2MG CN-0N6M8J CN-0928G4 CN-0TJ76K CN-0K9TGR CN-0KT2MG
Manufacturer’s Compatible Models:  DA65NM111-00 LA65NS2-01 FA065LS1-01 HA65NS5-00

Compatible Laptop Models:

Vostro: A840, A860, 1015, 1200, 1220, 1310, 1320, 2510, V13
Inspiron: E1405, E1705, 300M, 500M, 505M, 510M, 600M, 610M, 630M, 640M, 700M, 710M, 1150, 1420, 1318, 1464, 1501, 1525, 1526, 1545, 1564, 1750, 6000, 6400, 8500, 8600, 9200, 9300, 9400, 13R (N3010), 14R, 15R (N5010), M5030, N5030, 17R
Precision: M20, M60, M65
Latitude: E4300, E4310, E5410
Studio: 14Z, 1458, 1535, 1536, 1537, 1557

Other Models That May Possibly Be Compatible With This Product:

300M, 500M, 505M, 510M, 600M, 630M, 640M, 700M, 710M, 6000, 6400, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1405, E1505, E1705, E1705L, 1420, 1501, 1520, 1521, 1525, 1526, 1720, 1721, 1150 100L, D400, D410, D420, D430, D500, D505, D510, D520, D530, D531, D600, D610, D620, D630, D630 XFR, D631, D820, D810, D830, 131L, E4200, E4300, E5400, E5500, E6400, E6500, XT X300, 1000, 1310, 1400, 1500, 1510, 1700, 1710, M2300, M2400, M4300, M20, M60, M65, M70, 15, 1535, XPS M1210 XPS M2010 XPS M140


Manufacturer: Dell
Power Provided: 65 Watts (65w)

Input: 100-240V ~ 1.6A 50-60Hz LPS
Output: 19.5V, 3.34Amp
Power Cord: Included

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