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New Dlink Wireless N USB Network Starter Kit – DKT-408 (includes DIR-615 and DWA-130)

Upgrade your Wireless Network

D-Link introduces the Wireless N USB Network Starter Kit (DKT-408), which includes both a Wireless N Router (DIR-615) and Wireless N USB Adapter (DWA-130) delivering ultra high performance end-to-end wireless connectivity. The D-Link Wireless N USB Network Starter Kit provides better wireless signal with the latest draft 802.11n technology offering enhanced performance and improved network coverage over 802.11g. Upgrading your home network to Wireless N provides an excellent solution for sharing a broadband Internet connection with multiple computers over a secure wireless network.


Enhanced Wireless Range

D-Link Wireless N products use Intelligent Antenna technology to transmit multiple streams of data, which enable you to receive wireless signals in the farthest corners of your home. Not only does the D-Link Wireless N technology extend your wireless range, it also works with your existing 802.11g wireless devices. The Wireless N Router (DIR-615) included in this kit includes QoS (Quality of Service) Prioritization Technology that analyzes and separates multiple data streams based on sensitivity to delay, enabling multiple applications including VolP, video, and online gaming to stream smoothly across your network.


Easy to Setup

The DKT-408 kit makes it easy to setup your wireless network in your home or office without professional installation. The Router (DIR-615) includes an Installation Wizard* CD-ROM, which allows you to set up a wireless network in minutes. The USB Adapter (DWA-130) also includes an Installation Wizard* CD-ROM, which provides easy step-by-step instructions for a fast connection to your network. In addition, the USB adapter includes a Wireless Connection Manager to keep track of all the most frequently accessed networks. Once the router and USB adapter setup process is complete, you can share a high-speed connection, files, media, network attached storage, printers, and more.


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